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Extension Visa in Vietnam – The procedure is fast, cheap

Service to apply for a visa to Vietnam for foreigners

Visa is a document issued by a competent authority of Vietnam, allowing a foreigner to enter Vietnam.

Apply for a visa for foreigners entering Vietnam. Price from 25 USD (package).

Due to the influence of Covid-19 translation, foreigners wishing to enter Vietnam will have to follow the following procedures:

  1. Obtain the written approval from the competent authorities:
  • Dispatch of approval from the Department of Health;
  • Dispatch of approval from the Department of Labor;
  • Letter of approval from the People’s Committee.
  1. Apply for a visa at the Immigration Department;
  2. Physical examination and Covid-19 assay in the country of departure;
  3. Go to Vietnam border gate, paste visa and move to a pre-selected isolation area;
  4. Isolate for 14 days;
  5. Officially entered Vietnam.

The entire process of implementing the above procedures will take about 20 days.

Documents and papers to provide:

  1. The business license of the guarantor inviting foreigners to enter Vietnam (if any);
  2. A photocopy or scanned copy or a photocopy of the foreigner’s passport;
  3. Detailed information about the expected schedule to stay and work in Vietnam of foreigners (if any).

Lighthouse Law work:

  1. Consult to prepare documents, documents;
  2. Drafting records to perform necessary procedures;
  3. Representing customers to carry out procedures with the competent authorities;
  4. Counseling and guiding clients to perform necessary tasks (Covid-19 test, removal, isolation, …).

Any questions, exchange and / or use the service please contact email:

You are welcome!

Registration procedures for visa to Vietnam

Registration procedures to apply for a visa to Vietnam for foreigners.


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